Government Hydro Engineering College, Bilaspur, HP


        The idea of Government Hydro Engineering College in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh was conceived in 2009 and after long wait finally this ambitious project has  matured on April 27, 2017. On this auspicious day the foundation stone was layed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi .
Himachal Pradesh government in July 2016 had signed special memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Government of India, NTPC & NHPC for the setting up college. This ambitious project with the financial supportof NHPC and NTPC would be set up at Bandla in Bilaspur district at the cost of Rs 125 crore. 

The institution has its BOG under the Chairmanship of Sh. Sanjay Gupta, Principal Secretary, Technical Education to GoHP. Under its 4th BOG meeting the institution has setup the following  Vision and Mission.   



Create skilled engineers for energy and other sectors.


Develop a premier class institution equipped with quality infrastructure, resourceful faculty and skilled students for maintenance of high standards in academics and research.


  1. To provide best in class infrastructure as per the requirement for premier institution.
  2. To make provision to attract best students and qualified faculty to maintain highest standard in academics.
  3. To make provision for creating an environment of institutional nurturing of talent and retain qualified faculty.
  4. To promote a culture of reserch and innovation.

The approved institution master plan  which is to be constructed by National Project Construction Corporation (NPCC Ltd.) and handed over by July 2020. 

Currently the institution is of HPTU offcampus and having its transit campus at Rajiv Gandhi Government Engineering College, Kangra. The two branches Civil and Electrical Engineering, having capacity of 60 each are currently operative since 2017-18. The institution was established under society act, having its byelaws.    


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